The following are selected examples of projects completed by Natural Solutions.


Policy and Planning

Biodiversity Restoration Corridors

Living Water partnership DOC/Fonterra (2017 / 2018)Catchment condition GIS and field surveys of Pukorokoro-Miranda and Okarika catchments.

Forest Stewardship Council (2014 – current) – Member of the collaborative NZ Standard Development Group reviewing the NZ FSC Standards.

Waikato Regional Council (2014)Waikato Estuarine Vegetation Project Review.

Waikato Regional Council (2014) – Waikato Regional Prioritisation for Saltwater Paspalum control.

Waikato Regional Council (2011)Biodiversity Restoration Corridors: Thames-Coromandel District.

Thames-Coromandel District Council (2010) – Ecological assessment of the Natural Character of the Coromandel Peninsula to inform the District Plan review.    [report]

Thames-Coromandel District Council (2010) Are covenants working?  Biodiversity Protection through the Thames-Coromandel District Council District Plan.

Auckland City Council (2009) – Report on the implementation of a change in policy for rates remission on covenanted land with management plans.

Ministry for the Environment (2008) – Peer review of the Indigenous Biodiversity Guidance Note for the Quality Planning website.

Thames-Coromandel District Council (2008) – A guide for staff assessment of natural feature certification under the Conservation Lot Rule of the District Plan.

Waikato Regional Council (2006) – Ecological and planning implications for coastal wetlands with projected sea level rise – a pilot Study in Coromandel Harbour.  [report]

Department of Conservation (2003) – Preparation of a metadata inventory for all coastal-related resources in the Waikato Conservancy.

Goldstone Property (2003) – Ecological overview of the implications of a proposed change in District Plan zoning on a private property at Omokoroa.



Ecological Assessment

Ecological Assessment

Ministry for Primary Industries (2018-2021) – Sustainable Farming Fund Project 405683 – Adaptive Management of Coastal Forestry Buffers.  Managing a 3-year Tanes Tree Trust project assessing methods to transition exotic plantation buffers on dunelands to sustainable indigenous buffers.

2017-2020, Ministry for Primary Industries (2017-2020)  SLMACC Project 405416 – Transitioning clear fell forestry to permanent cover forests.  This SCION-led   Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Research Programme project is investigating the economics and carbon impacts of transitioning clear fell planted forests to permanent cover forests on severely erosion prone steep lands.


Ecological Surveys / Assessment

AsureQuality/MPI (2015 – current) – Aerial and ground surveys for salvinia in Te Henga wetland.

Private Landowners (2000 – current) – Ecological assessments for subdivision development proposals under the Thames-Coromandel and Western Bay of Plenty District Plans.

Waikato Regional Council (2017) – Assessment, reporting and recommendations for ecological values of a significant 1,000 ha Coromandel property.

Department of Conservation (2016) – Otakairangi wetland aerial mapping and vegetation classification.

Department of Conservation (2016) – Whangamarino  wetland aerial vegetation monitoring.

Tauranga City Council (2014 – 2016) – Ecological monitoring of pest animal and plant work within specific Significant Ecological Areas.

Waikato Regional Council (2010 – 2014)AEE, control and monitoring of saltwater paspalum within the Waahi Tapu arm of  Wharekawa Harbour.

Waikato Regional Council (2010/2012) – Harbour benthic habitat mapping surveys and reporting.

Waikato Regional Council (2000 – 2012) – Survey and mapping of estuarine vegetation communities in harbours throughout the Waikato.

Waikato Regional Council (2012) – Assessment of Coastal Significant Natural Areas of Thames-Coromandel District to complement the 2009 SNA assessment.

Waikato Regional Council (2011) – Tairua catchment assessment.

Department of Conservation (2000 – 2011) – Population monitoring for kiwi listen surveys on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Estuarine vegetation and shellfish monitoring

Waikato Regional Council (2009) – Assessing sites of Significant Natural Areas (SNA) within the Thames-Coromandel District.

Waikato Regional Council (2009) – Ecological assessment of the natural features on Pungapunga Station against Key Ecological Site criteria.

Department of Conservation (2004 – 2006) – Landscape survey of environmental weeds in the northern Waikato Conservancy.

Ports of Tauranga (2004) – Monitoring of sea bed levels alongside a translocated boulder bank in Tauranga Harbour.

Otorohanga District Council (2003) – Intertidal survey and ecological assessment for a proposed seawall at Aotea Village.

Royal Forest & Bird Society (2002) – Listening survey for remnant kokako populations in the Kaimai-Mamaku State Forest Park.

Thames-Coromandel District Council (2001) – Intertidal ecological survey for a proposed wharf redevelopment at Whangapoua Harbour.


Restoration Management

Sand dune restoration planting

Sand dune restoration planting

Waikato Regional Council (2005 – current) – Weed control in dune environments.

Pacific Estate (2007 – current) – Design and implementation of an estuarine and freshwater floodplain restoration plan for the lowered Taputapuatea Stream Esplanade Reserve at Whitianga.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council (2016) – Kaituna wetland aerial orthomosaic for restoration planning

Queen Elizabeth II National Trust (2003 – 2015)Coromandel and then Western Bay of Plenty representative for the establishment and monitoring of open space covenants on private land.

Tauranga City Council (2004 – 2014)AEE and consent application for saltwater paspalum control at Matua Estuary, and resulting weed control work.

Waikato Regional Council/Hauraki Gulf Forum (2009-2011) – Restoration management assessment and planning for upper Firth of Thames.

Orua Wetland Estate (2008-2012) – Design and implementation of a wetland restoration management plan for a Hot Water Beach subdivision.

Pungapunga Station (2008)Animal pest management strategy for property at Whangapoua.

Department of Conservation (2007) – Brown teal (pateke) habitat enhancement plan at Port Charles.

Department of Conservation (2001 – 2007) – Survey, control and eradication of environmental weeds on mainland and island sites.

Royal Forest & Bird Society (2006)AEE and floodplain restoration management plan for the lower Kauaeranga River in Thames.


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