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biodiversity planning

science-based policy

geospatial monitoring

Biodiversity Planning

New Zealand is a region of unique and diverse environments, ecosystems and species.  This is New Zealand's native biodiversity, our natural heritage, our icons, our taonga.

Natural Solutions specialise in planning the integration of peoples' activities with the natural world.  We have the skills and experience to survey, assess, and monitor your natural heritage project.

Fernbird (mātātā) - Photo credit: Michelle Martin

Science-based Policy

Natural Solutions use a science-based approach combined with field experience to help form policy that integrates land-use with natural environments.

We work alongside interdisciplinary expertise to ensure that policy incorporates sustainability and resilience of the natural world.

Whangapoua harbour catchment

Geospatial Monitoring

Natural Solutions use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to geospatially inform our biodiversity planning with visual and analytical data.

We operate aerial drones through Flightworks to provide incredible detail and fresh insights into natural landscapes. Species detection, ecosystem mapping and monitoring are just some of the services we offer.

Vegetation survey